Being a good mentor

What are the outcomes? He lives in Conyers, Georgia.

10 Tips on Being A Good Mentee

This is no guarantee, however, that the physician will make a good mentor. So, what aptitudes should you demonstrate to make sure that the mentoring you offer is effective and has lasting value?

Seeing your mentee succeed as result of your input is a reward in itself. Yes, the leadership principles are the same. Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen Your mentee must feel comfortable approaching you for advice or consultation; however, he or she must keep your availability and your schedule in mind.

Talk candidly about your experiences and how your career has evolved. Also, if an employee is struggling with competence, you would meet more often, but that would be more skill coaching than mentoring. You owe that to him or her, to the process, and to yourself.

Advance your career — Refining your leadership skills can strengthen your on-the-job performance, perhaps helping you get that promotion to higher management — or into management in the first place.

Focuses on specific development areas and issues. Maybe you are brilliant at math or a techy genius type. You can be good at anything! Provide useful, honest guidance while ensuring that your mentee takes the reins and makes his or her own decisions as to next steps or the best course of action.

It was almost as if they had some time to kill and thought it might be fun. Sometimes we can feel threatened by the success of others and may withhold information, but a good coach or mentor is able to look beyond themselves and provide the support needed. Emotional capacity is also important to the success of the mentoring relationship.

When someone does say yes, show up prepared. Physicians have to cope with many stressors. Both the mentor and the person being mentored need to be open and honest, yet respect the other.

Mentors can develop leadership skills and gain a personal sense of satisfaction from knowing that they've helped someone. Forget the jargon, the acronyms, and the buzzwords.

How to become a professional mentor

So, if you want a meaningful mentoring relationship, let me offer more good advice. I trust that you will also pass on what is given to you. The ability to build a good rapport with students and junior members of staff is also important.

For example, if a pastor who serves in a church of seeks a mentor who pastors a church of 7, the two of them live in two different worlds, and they barely speak the same language.

This is certainly true when race and gender come into play. The process is more structured in nature and meetings are scheduled on a regular basis with set timelines. They can be your guide and "sounding board" for ideas, helping you decide on the best course of action in difficult situations.

The Doctors Back to School and Mentoring in Medicine programs reach out, particularly to under-represented black and ethnic minority school age kids, to help open their eyes to the possibility of a career in medicine and encourage much-needed diversity in the profession.

This person is taking time out of their life to help you develop skills that they are profoundly more equipped for than you are. Beyond that, of course, good coaches are professionally trained and qualified, so you can rely on getting a high-quality service from them.Mentoring relationships can be mutual, or two-way, with each person being both the mentor of and mentee of the other person.

Alternatively, they can be one way only, although an individual may have his or her own mentor while also acting as a mentor for others at the same time. Are you a good mentor?

11 August, Placements can be inspiring or demoralising. Much depends on the mentoring experience, as Jennifer Taylor finds out. The good mentor is a model of continuous learning. High-quality entry-year programs can ensure that mentors continue their own professional growth and development by establishing clear criteria for mentor selection that include a commitment to initial and ongoing mentor training.

I was a lazy mentor to my assigned peers in university, but now that I’ve truly experienced the benefits that a good mentor can have, I plan to work a lot harder to be a good peer mentor. WHAT MAKES A GOOD MENTOR? Many people feel that being a mentor requires special skills, but mentors are simply people who have the qualities of good role models.

Mentors listen. They maintain eye contact and give mentees their full attention. Mentors guide. A good mentor will stretch you just by being in your presence because they know and understand you better than you understand yourself.

Six Habits of Highly Effective Mentees

Bring out your strengths Remember that Tiger Woods had a coach.

Being a good mentor
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