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The information present in the report is needed to evaluate progress and plan future action. This type of report contains mere statement of facts in detail without any opinion or recommendation of the reporter.

They are statutory report and non-statutory report. Informative Report An informative report is prepared and presented with the help of available information at the maximum with regard to an issue or situation.

The report provides insight to further employee engagement, increase performance, and improve business outcomes. Interpretative Report An interpretative report is not only contains the facts, views and opinions of reporters and others but also includes the causes for an issue or an event and required remedial action with recommendations.

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Sometimes, there may be a rivalry between the two group of workers. Any business operation with health, hazardous and environmental liabilities typically is required to maintain one or more of these reports.

Failure to submit statutory reports can result in audits and legal ramifications. Analytical Reports Analytical reports are essential when a company is on the cusp of making crucial decisions. Businesses can prepare budgets, business plans, make advertising decisions and much more based on the information in a report.

If you would like to know about the structure of a company, such as the number of employees, the departments they work in and what role each employee plays in the organization, then an informational report is required.

Earnings and Financial Forecasts Accounting departments work to build useful financial reports as standalone documents. As a salesperson, this allows you to pick up where the relationship left off easily.

Examples for special report are opening of branch, introducing a new product, Improving the quality or changing the shape or size of the product and the like.

They are Verbation Report and Summarized Report. When it comes to different business reports, formatting is critical to making the report instantly recognizable and quick and easy to read without missing the most important information.

No comments or explanations are usually offered in such reports. These reports are to be presented according to the requirements of a particular law or a rule or a custom now has become a rule. Special Report This type of report is prepared and presented before the top management on specific request.

Technical Report There is a lot of changes made in the technology. Generally forms are prescribed for preparation and submission of such reports. Hence, a reporter is asked to prepare the performance report for anyone of the reasons mentioned above.

Likewise, Directors are appointed and the remuneration and perquisites of key personnel are fixed by passing a resolution. It can be referred to again and again and is by its very nature more formal than an oral report. A resolution is passed in the meeting. Analyzes organizational behavior related to a group of employee expectations.

Ordinary or Routine Report Ordinary reports are prepared and presented before the managing director at specific intervals or to the next authorized person in the business routine. However, the verbation report should not be confused with the minutes of the meeting which is the official record of the proceedings and the decisions arrived at in the meeting.

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For now, let’s focus on the different types of reports. The most common types include Periodic reports – communicate the activities of an ongoing operation at equal and regular intervals. For example, someone might write a quarterly sales report at a retail store.

Trip and conference reports – communicate experiences, details, and knowledge gained from attending activities outside of an organization. A yardstick report is a type of report that Discusses a problem statement Provide one or more alternate solutions to the problem Each of the alternative solution is measured or weighed against the criteria.

They guide the reader through out the report so that the conclusions seems rational to the reader. Types of business reports 1. Typical. Different Types of Reports Most business reports are informal • The writer is the readers servant.

Purpose of a Business Report. Reports are of various types. They could be big or small, individual or group, routine or special, formal or informal, interim or final. An illustrative list of various kinds of business reports is presented below: Viewed from another angle, reports can also be classified/as either individual.

Routine reports are generally brief. They only give the facts.

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No comments or explanations are usually offered in such reports. Generally forms are prescribed for preparation and submission of such reports. Special reports. Such a type of report is specially required to be .

Types of business reports pdf reader
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